We’re living in a time of great transformation. We’re leaving behind a world that’s never going to be the same again. The economy, the environment, towns and cities, people… are evolving in their quest for a higher quality of life, economic and environmental sustainability, a fairer, friendlier milieu.
Societies are on the move and we’re moving at their pace. At VECTIA we’re committed to new solutions for urban transport: configurable hybrid and electric buses that are competitive, reliable and safe for towns and cities and which are making a future for themselves already.
Our vehicles are fitted with technological advances to increase their operational efficiency and their integration into their surroundings. The cut in fuel consumption, thanks to the systems for storing electrical energy that make its recuperation possible, or the possibility of running 100% on electricity along certain stretches are just some of the variables on which VECTIA has developed its new range: highly reliable vehicles offering the most competitive useful life-cycle cost on the market.


First hibrid bus, developed and made, fully in Spain.

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Technological innovations geared towards increasing the operative efficiency of its customers.

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