Why Vectia?

Vectia integral solutions


Vectia has applied all the experience, capacity and technological innovation accumulated by the CAF Group over the years in the railway sector.

Using this experience, we design our vehicles according to customer needs, incorporating the appropriate technology and offering our customers a range of solutions for the development of transport infrastructures and systems:

Own technology to benefit the environment


Configurable Energy for Operation

VECTIA offers configurable energy solutions for every city, so that each vehicle can adapt to the topographical and urban planning characteristics of the routes to optimise its performance.


Evolution to Pure Electric

Transport operators have the possibility to develop our hybrid vehicles during their useful life, to convert them into vehicles with greater electric autonomy, or even 100% electric.


Zero Emission Zones

The technology of VECTIA vehicles ensures that the vehicle travels in Zero Emission zones. These zones are the route stops and other areas sensitive to atmospheric pollution, such as historical centres and areas around hospitals, depots and enclosures.


Energy Efficiency

VECTIA platforms are designed to optimise energy efficiency in urban transport, by incorporating solutions such as regenerative braking, optimisation of generator set performance, 100% electric start-up, electric auxiliary drive and efficient management of traction system consumption.


Respect for the Environment

VECTIA’s commitment to environmentally respectful solutions is strong and is one of the company’s values.

Quality and Environment Policy